IES Zalla BHI is our high-school. Teenagers from Zalla and other towns and villages of our region; Encartaciones study here secondary school. We are 226 students: 119 girls and 107 boys. Among us, 19 students have a foreign origin, so, we are a relatively plural school. There are 32 teachers with us, helping in our learning process. 

Our school is not very big, there are 2-3 groups in each level. In this school we learn in Basque, that is, in model D, although we also learn English and Spanish.

At school, we have several facilities to help us in our learning process, such as a technology room, a laboratory, a gym, a library, a playroom and a dining room. Outside the school we have football and basketball courts, and sometimes we can also adapt them to play other sports such as volleyball.

Zalla is a village located in the western of Bizkaia, our province, at 24 km from Bilbao. 8376 inhabitants live in Zalla, which has a surface of 31.03km² and a medium heigh of 93 metres. Its zip code is 48860 and the geographic coordinates are 43 ° 12 ′ 50.51 ″ N, 3 ° 7 ′ 51.7″ W.

La Herrera, Ibarra , Otxaran, Mimetiz, Sollano and Aranguren are the main suburbs of our town, with a total population of 8376 inhabitants, men being the 49.12% and women the 50.88%. Population of density in Zalla is 269.93 inhabitants/km2. Zalla’s use of Basque is just a 2.7%.