In the first session of the course, the teacher of ethical values ​​asked us:

What would you do to help the world?

She threw us off. Her intention was us to think about the problems our society has, and, in the same way, to realize that we can all help to improve them. So , over the next few weeks, each student presented his or her project: what was the problem, to whom we could help, and most importantly: how.

All the issues were very important to deal with, and as a result, we did not know which one to choose … or to vote for . Finally, we chose the idea of ​​a 2nd course student, which included many ideas for improving the world. Idea consisted on researching, working on different problems and communicating them in a website: “Save the world” project was born!!

As a result, we have been developing different projects over the last few months and, we will continue doing so until the end of the course. Next year, some of our classmates will be leaving the school to continue their studies, but we hope to continue with this project!