Developing our project has been possible thanks to the help of some collaborators, therefore we would like to thank them for their effort: 

First of all, we would like to thank the designers of this web page. Our 4th course schoolmates have created it in their computers subject. They could have developed any project, but they decided to help us. Therefore, THANK YOU SO MUCH Jasone Corcuera, Javi Ochandiano, Axier Ortiz and Pello Unzueta. 

Another schoolmate, Jone Murillo, a 1st course student, has disegned our logo, so, therefore, THANKS A LOT artist!!!

The  city council of Zalla has also collaborated with this project. It has helped “Helping the bees” project to become a reality. Thanks to this collaboration, we have not only given some lectures about the item, but also built and distributed some insects’ hotels around our village.